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Rok vydání 2000
Programátor Nick Montfort
Grafik (None)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Music Rip Disk No. 1
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 1989 / Frog
Hudba Andreas Montecchio, Chris, Danko, Deek, Drax, EVS, Falco Paul, Flex, Hithouse, JCH, Jens Blidon, Jeroen Tel, Jesper Thorndahl, JO, Johannes Bjerregaard, Laxity, Link, Markus Schneider, Michael Hendriks, Michael Simon, Mixer, Reyn Ouwehand, Rock, Rockstar, Sam, Scarzix, Shade, Steel, Stefan Hartwig, Sudden Death, Thomas Detert, Tornado, Xayne
SID(y) Acid, Aciiiiiid, Action Guy, Amtrak, Audio Art, Axel F., Birthday, Bo Bo Boom, Bustin' Around, Carlsberg, Chase, Check This Out, Crest Rules, Destination I, Dignified (tune 1), Don't be sad, Dreaming, Duchesse, Eldorado (part 3), Elite Squad, Escape, Eternal, Everlasting Love, Feelin'Blue, Freakin', Friends, Fright Night, Going Home, Grid, Groovin', Hang On, Happy Days, Hartofs, Heart Beat, Hip House, House Mix, Intro Zak, It's Real Acieed, Jabdah, JT in Space, Kinda Funk (normal bass), Kuldioxid, Lazy Dog, Livercool, Living on Video, Louisiana, Magic Disk 64 (1990/05), Magic Disk 64 (1990/07), Maniac Mansion, MDG Radwar Party Demo, Megastyle (tune 2), Mixerplot, Musical Delight 6, Myth, Narrow+, Old, Phalanx, Pheric, Piece of Cake, Popcorn, Power for Life (part 2), Rain Funk, Red Hot Chilli Pepper Intro, Return of Mega Dildo (tune 5), Rock 'n' Roll Remix, Sampler #1, Secret Land, So-Phisticated III (part 2), Song made in monitor, Soundwork, Spinnin' Violin, Strange Feeling, Street Jazzin', Street Skater, The Sonic Tonic, The Wall, The Words, Top Trucker, Training, Ultimate Intro Studio (tune 01), Ultimate Intro Studio (tune 10), UniTechno, Void Vision, Wanna Get Sick, Whistle!, X-Out, Xool, Years Ago
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