Balakon Raiders
Herní styl [uncategorized]
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1984
Programátor (Unknown)
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Top 50 of Crack Intro Music Competition 2013
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 13.2.2013 / Laxity / Crack Intro Music Competition 2013
Program Didi, Goat
Hudba _V_, 4-Mat, 6R6, Abaddon, celticdesign, Chabee, dalezy, Dane, dEViLOCk, Drax, Duck LaRock, Fegolhuzz, Flex, franz_koopa, Fredrik, Hein, Hermit, Jammer, Klegg, Kristian Røstøen, Linus, NecroPolo, Peacemaker, Pece, psych858o, radiantx, RaveGuru, Rayne, Richard, SIDWAVE, Spinosa, Surgeon, The Syndrom, Toggle, Wisdom, Xiny6581
Grafika DanDee
SID(y) Bleep Bloop, Broken Bytez, bullocks, City Cowboy, Crack the Frequency, Crackers Quest, Cracking All Night, Crispy Crushing Crackers, Deadline, Delusional, Desire, Diabolique, Dolores pt. 2, Dont Fuck with Stevie Wonder, Ebrius, Flowing Slowly, Fortune, Fredrik's Crack Intro, Funky as Fuck, Glory of the Muse, Hard Crack Intro Tune, Homeogene, Ignorance is Bliss, Inspect Her Gadget, Intro without Intro, Introduction to Crack, Introduction to Modernity, Introspanker, Kedja, Newton's Third Law, No Rush, Not Future Composer, Ordinary Crack Tune, Pastel Coloured Nights, Pirate Domination, Procrastination, Red Sector Inc. Circa 1994, Retrochild, Retrospectful, Running Wild, Scene is My Pr0n!, Scrollex, Shaking Dustbin, Sparkle, Starfish, The Twister, These Greys, Unreliable, Upwords, Verseny vagy mi a szosz, Wisecrack, Y-Lax-It
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