Turn It II
Herní styl Tile Removal
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1991
Programátor Mario Knezovic & Carsten...
Grafik Oliver Lindau


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Cast to See
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 16.3.2009 / Tropyx / Stary Piernik 4
Program Data, V-12
Hudba Data, Klax, Surgeon
Grafika Bimber, JSL
SID(y) Acid Bells, Acid Creativity, Amelia, And Here We Are, Back to the Uk, Bells of Glory, Cast to See (selector), Contrast, Creative Flame's, Do the Rave Stomp, Drift, Edition, Electronic Affection, Emu Fuck, Fade to Black, Fear of the Dark, Focus 0, Going Far, Gothica, In Chains, In Love, Kick, Knas, Let's Fight!, Logaritmic Dream, Low Art, Low Speed, Mellow, Mirror Ghost's, Mollys Rush, More Than You, Nabuhodonozor, No Faith to Live, No Chance 4 Me, Nonended, Now and Forever, On the Way, Reflection on the Glass, Sand Fun, Sentence, Sentence 2, The Park - My House, To Silesia, Trance Drummer, Trigonomy 2, Viva L'Arte, White Star
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