Humanoids II
Herní styl H. Scrolling
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1988
Programátor Michael Twigg
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Bitchaos
Typ C64 Demo
Vydal 31.12.1993 /
Program Bug Barney, Cool Coder Chrissie, Dr. Zoom, Ethereal, Kinley, Map, Mat, Pioneer, Slyder, Tecmo, The Ultimate Warrior, Thirt, TNT, TTS
Hudba Antti Hannula, Avalon, Brian, celticdesign, dEViLOCk, Dr. Zoom, Drax, EVS, Gerard Gourley, Harmony Productions, Iron Cat, JCH, Link, Markus Schneider, Peace, PRI, Red, Scortia, SMC, The Blue Ninja, The DJ, The Syndrom, Tim, Xayne
Grafika Asmodis, Bug Barney, Dr. Zoom, Ethereal, Findi, Hiccup, Krush, Map, Mat, Mip, Pioneer, Seba, The Ultimate Warrior, TNT
SID(y) Above the Clouds, Axel Mix, B4 Being, Bitchaos (tune 4), Bouncing Heart, Chaos, Crystal Fever, Dr Snuggles, Eastender, Fresh Intro, Fuzzy Fusion, Game Intro, Game Title, Gem'z, Groove Is in the Heart, Heal the World, I Wanna 150 BPM, Lemmings #2, Level 99 Intro, Loader/Hi, Maelke-Ib, Music Pack #1, New Groove, Old Zax, Paradise, Promodoro, Red Mokiz, Scream, Shorty 2 (v2), So Mote It Be 2, Suck It Out, Tekno A-Sid, Terminator Title, The Ocean, The Puma, Trash Techno, War at 33%, Weird Techno, Wind of Change
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