Racked Off
Herní styl Miscellaneous
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 2007
Programátor Richard Bayliss
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název SIDBurners 7
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 5.9.2003 / Nostalgia
Program Didi, The Magic Roundabout
Hudba Alfatech, Bappalander, Brian, Charles Deenen, Chris, Dane, Decoder, Deek, Drax, Fate, Galaxy, Gazza, Guy Shavitt, Hithouse, JCH, Jeff, Johannes Bjerregaard, Junebug, Laxity, Link, MC, McTech, Metal, Misfit, Mitch, No Sync, Page, Rage, Red, Reyn Ouwehand, Skyflash, Spaceroy, Thomas Detert
Grafika Cupid, JSL
SID(y) 3545 II, Am I Right?, Beginning, Bell Test, Bus (Notemusic), Cheyens Megademo (part 9), Church, Cockcrusher - Pride of Denmark, Crooner, Das Kanoot, Digital Madness (end), Digital Madness Main, Disco Zax, Dobee, Doggy Style, End Sequence, End Tune 1, For Hotshot, Frontpage (issue #2), Funcie, Fusion, FX, Galway-tune, Gone, Greeky Tune, Grillette, Hackpack IV (menu), Hello Monty, High and Low, Hitsong, Infinity, Intro Zak, Jazz Time, Jedininja, Just Cool, Kalle Kloakk (part 3), Koekoek, Köleskab, La La Link, Legend Intro, Lion Sleeps, Middle Age, NEI Intro, Ode to C64, Piece of Cake 3 (note), Pleite Geier Intro, R.M., Robocop, Shaolink, Soldier of Fortune, Star Dream, Street Wise, Syncopated, The Alibi, The Final Countdown, The Legend of the Sun and Moon, Underground, Untouched, Wanna Get Sick, Wild Dreams - 1990 Touch
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