Herní styl Football/Soccer (Manager)
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1985
Programátor Oliver Skups
Grafik (None)


DSPD - Sceneři

The Magic Roundabout
Země United Kingdom
Ex-skupinaCarcass, Tesko, Nostalgia, Onslaught, Church 64, Driven Staff, Commodore Zone

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
4K Party C64 4K Intro Code 1996
4K Party 2 C64 4K Intro Code 16.4.1998
4K Party 3 C64 4K Intro Code 1999
5 Byte FX C64 256b Intro Code 25.7.2002
A Lil Bit Of C64 Demo Code 10.1997
Audition piece for Cosine C64 Graphics Code 26.11.2006
Backlog C64 Intro Collection Code 14.11.1999
Bipolar C64 4K Intro Code 15.2.2003
Block Frenzy C64 Game Code 2006
Blok Copy - PETSCII Edition C64 Game Code 1.1.2013
Blok Copy DTV C64 DTV Code 21.3.2009
Blok Copy RX C64 Game Code 1.1.2018
Blok Copy [16kb cartridge] C64 Game Code 1.12.2011
BMX Forest Race C64 Game Code 1999
Bouff Goes Retro C64 One-File Demo Code 12.2001
Bus Noise C64 One-File Demo Code 8.8.2015
C.G.M. UKScene Radio Intro C64 Intro Code 30.8.2003
Chessbaud C64 1K Intro Code 1.1997
Chiller 2 Loader Preview C64 One-File Demo Code 10.5.2020
Clone Invasion C64 One-File Demo Code 24.9.2015
Clone Reaction C64 One-File Demo Code 3.12.2015
Clonemas C64 One-File Demo Code 25.12.2015
Clonetro C64 Crack Intro Code 22.11.2016
Commodore Zone Demo Pack C64 Misc. Code 1997
Contraflow C64 Demo Code 23.4.1995
Crack Intro C64 Intro Code 25.12.2018
Creepshow 2 C64 Graphics Collection Code 24.10.2004
Crystal Chamber C64 Game Preview Code 30.9.2014
Cybersub Preview C64 Game Preview Code 0000-00-00
Cyberwing C64 Game Code 1999
CYOA Engine C64 Tool Code 7.3.2004
Death Weapon C64 Game Code 30.6.2019
Demo Factory C64 One-File Demo Code 1987
Demo Factory 2018 C64 One-File Demo Code 25.9.2018
Domination #12 C64 Diskmag Code 7.1999
Domination #13 C64 Diskmag Code 12.1999
Eagles Dare C64 Intro Code 2.12.2019
Edge Grinder C64 Game Code 18.9.2011
F15 D'Gamma Clone C64 Intro Code 3.1.2020
Femtotro C64 Intro Code 8.12.2018
Femtotro 2 C64 4K Intro Code 27.12.2019
Fireblaster C64 Game Preview Code 30.9.2014
For Teh Win C64 One-File Demo Code 15.10.2006
Gamerz Xtreme Intro C64 One-File Demo Code 18.3.2016
Gamerz Xtreme Intro 2 C64 Intro Code 10.10.2019
GR9 Strike Force C64 Game Code 14.9.2009
Hello Github C64 Intro Code 14.9.2015
Here Goes C64 4K Intro Code 6.11.2019
HyperZap C64 Game Code 1987
Hyperzap 2018 C64 Game Code 8.5.2018
INC D020 C64 Demo Code 20.9.1998
INC D021 C64 Demo Code 11.7.1999
Invasive Action C64 Game Code 25.1.2006
Kikstart C16 C64 Game Code 25.8.2007
Koalatro C64 Crack Intro Code 21.12.2016
Lethargy C64 Demo Code 1993
Level One C64 Intro Code 5.1.2019
Little Batty C64 Game Code 1999
Loopit-C64-Ever C64 Music Code 24.12.2018
Lovefunk C64 Music Code 8.12.2020
Lunar Blitz C64 Game Code 1993
Lunar Blitz RX C64 Game Code 27.7.2014
Macro Clone Cafe C64 One-File Demo Code 12.3.2016
Macro Sleep C64 Intro Code 16.11.2014
MD201509 C64 One-File Demo Code 10.9.2015
MD201510 - Spoopiness C64 One-File Demo Code 31.10.2015
MD201511 C64 One-File Demo Code 30.11.2015
MD201512 - Humbug C64 One-File Demo Code 25.12.2015
MD201602 C64 One-File Demo Code 29.2.2016
MD201603 C64 One-File Demo Code 31.3.2016
MD201604 C64 One-File Demo Code 11.4.2016
MD201605 C64 One-File Demo Code 30.5.2016
MD201606 - JSL Poop C64 One-File Demo Code 15.6.2016
MD201607 C64 One-File Demo Code 31.7.2016
MD201702 C64 One-File Demo Code 28.2.2017
MD201703 - The Bat-Tro C64 One-File Demo Code 14.3.2017
MD201704 C128 Release Code 30.4.2017
MD201705 C64 One-File Demo Code 31.5.2017
MD201706 SuperCPU Release Code 30.6.2017
Millennium Assault C64 Game Code 1998
Mish Mash C64 One-File Demo Code 7.10.2006
Neoteric C64 Demo Code 7.4.1996
Oldest Style C64 Intro Code 24.11.2018
Oldstyle C64 Intro Code 22.12.2014
One Sprite Wander C64 4K Intro Code 13.12.2019
Orbyt C64 Game Code 1988
Paradigm C64 One-File Demo Code 1.1.2007
Paranoimia March C64 Music Code 26.12.2018
Past Shock C64 One-File Demo Code 1987
Presets C64 Demo Code 9.6.2003
Protocol C64 Game Preview Code 1988
Qazi the Twonk C64 Fake Game Code 17.5.2004
Reaxion Extended C64 Game Code 12.2001
Reclaim Intro C64 Intro Code 11.2.2021
Refix 2017 C64 Crack Intro Code 1.1.2017
Return of the Boat C64 Graphics Code 24.8.2006
RG Rampage C64 Game Code 1.3.2012
Rock Paper Scissors Simulator C64 Game Code 2006
Rock Run C64 Game Code 1996
Rollover C64 Demo Code 31.12.1999
Say Ooh! C64 One-File Demo Code 11.7.1999
Set Piece C64 Demo Code 9.2.1997
Shape! C64 Demo Code 2000
Shattered C64 One-File Demo Code 21.3.2004
Siberian Summer C64 Graphics Code 14.9.2006
SIDBurners 5 C64 Music Collection Code 21.8.1999
SIDBurners 6 C64 Music Collection Code 14.6.2003
SIDBurners 7 C64 Music Collection Code 5.9.2003
SIDBurners 8 C64 Music Collection Code 24.12.2003
Singles Collection Volume 1 C64 Demo Code 17.7.2002
Singles Collection Volume 2 C64 Demo Code 25.7.2003
Snata C64 One-File Demo Code 25.12.2002
Snoozing C128 Release Code 4.5.2012
Space Rox C64 Game Code 1995
Spectral C64 Demo Code 13.6.1999
Spice Invaders C64 One-File Demo Code 6.1997
Spotified C64 Intro Code 26.12.2014
Standard Clone C64 One-File Demo Code 21.4.2016
Stardust Music C64 Music Code 11.1.2019
Stercore 64 C64 Game Code 20.12.2018
Stercore XD C64 Game Code 1.6.2019
Super Galax-I-Birds C64 Game Code 20.2.2019
Super Hyperzap C64 Game Code 6.12.2018
Super Ness C64 Graphics Code 20.10.2013
That Old Magic C64 Music Code 14.12.2020
The Weakest Link C64 Game Code 2001
Titanic C64 Game Code 1999
Tomb Raider C64 One-File Demo Code 3.1997
Torus Clone C64 One-File Demo Code 31.12.2015
Vallation [16kb cartridge] C64 Game Code 1.12.2013
Vandalism News #31 C64 Diskmag Code 2.2000
WannaClone C64 One-File Demo Code 15.6.2017
War of the Worlds C64 One-File Demo Code 1999
Warflame C64 Game Code 4.1996
Warflame RX C64 Game Code 3.2006
Website Advert C64 One-File Demo Code 2001
X-Files C64 Demo Code 8.1996
Yoctotro C64 1K Intro Code 27.12.2019
Yoctotro 2 C64 256b Intro Code 30.12.2019
Youtube Intro C64 Intro Code 14.9.2015
Zeppelyn C64 Game Code 2001
Zeptotro C64 Intro Code 8.12.2018

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
Berlintro C64 Intro Hudba 29.5.1999
Clonemas C64 One-File Demo Hudba 25.12.2015
Contraflow C64 Demo Hudba 23.4.1995
Death Weapon C64 Game Hudba 30.6.2019
Digital Talk #24 [german] C64 Diskmag Hudba 15.3.1997
Digital Talk #57 [german] C64 Diskmag Hudba 30.10.2002
Digital Talk #83 [german] C64 Diskmag Hudba 1.8.2008
Digital Talk #91 [german] C64 Diskmag Hudba 15.3.2011
First Intro C64 Intro Hudba 4.1999
Hello Github C64 Intro Hudba 14.9.2015
Invasive Action C64 Game Hudba 25.1.2006
Kikstart C16 C64 Game Hudba 25.8.2007
Lethargy C64 Demo Hudba 1993
MD201704 C128 Release Hudba 30.4.2017
MD201705 C64 One-File Demo Hudba 31.5.2017
Munichtro C64 Intro Hudba 5.1999
Neoteric C64 Demo Hudba 7.4.1996
One Sprite Wander C64 4K Intro Hudba 13.12.2019
RG Rampage C64 Game Hudba 1.3.2012
Rollover C64 Demo Hudba 31.12.1999
Shape! C64 Demo Hudba 2000
Snata C64 One-File Demo Hudba 25.12.2002
Snoky's Music Archive C64 Music Collection Hudba 22.3.1997
Stercore 64 C64 Game Hudba 20.12.2018
Stercore XD C64 Game Hudba 1.6.2019
VSLT Intro C64 Intro Hudba 7.1999

4k Gfx Entry
4K Party
4K Party 2
4K Party 3
A Lil Bit Of
Almost Didn't Fit
Bantha Tracks
Block Frenzy
Blok Copy - PETSCII Edition
Blok Copy DTV
Blok Copy RX
Blok Copy [16kb cartridge]
BMX Forest Race
Bouff Goes Retro
Bus Noise
C.G.M. UKScene Radio Intro
Clone Invasion
Clone Reaction
Commodore Zone Demo Pack
Crack Intro
Crystal Chamber
Cybersub Preview
Death Weapon
Demo Factory
Demo Factory 2018
Driven #23
Driven #27
Eagles Dare
EMS V7.03
F15 D'Gamma Clone
Femtotro 2
Gamerz Xtreme Intro
Gamerz Xtreme Intro 2
GR9 Strike Force
Half Baked
Hello Github
Here Goes
Hyperzap 2018
INC D020
INC D021
Invasive Action
Jingle Hells - Satan Claws 2
Kikstart C16
Level One
Lunar Blitz
Lunar Blitz RX
Macro Clone Cafe
Macro Sleep
MD201510 - Spoopiness
MD201512 - Humbug
MD201703 - The Bat-Tro
Millennium Assault
Mish Mash
Oldest Style
One Sprite Wander
Past Shock
Pinball Dreams 64
Pinball Dreams C64 Preview
Qazi the Twonk
Reaxion Extended
Reclaim Intro
Refix 2017
RG Rampage
Rock Paper Scissors Simulator
Say Ooh!
Scaretro V2
Set Piece
SIDBurners 6
SIDBurners 8
Singles Collection Volume 1
Singles Collection Volume 2
Space Rox
Spice Invaders
Standard Clone
Stercore 64
Stercore XD
Super Hyperzap
That Old Magic
The Marlo Files
The Weakest Link
Tomb Raider
Torus Clone
Vallation [16kb cartridge]
Vandalism News #31
Warflame RX
X-Dome #9
Yoctotro 2


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