Herní styl [uncategorized]
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Rok vydání 1984
Programátor John White
Grafik John White


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Snoky's Music Archive
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 22.3.1997 / Snoky
Hudba Accept, Andre, Andy, Brandis, Brian, Coolrock, Cosowi, Danko, Dave, Dr. Zoom, Drax, Eco, Fanta, Flex, Flotsam, Gangstar, Gop, Henning Rokling, Icon, JCH, Jeroen Soede, JO, Leo, Link, Louie, MAC2, Madaco, Markus Schneider, Metal, Moog, Peace, Praiser, PRI, PVCF, Ranger, Rodney Balai, Rygar, Scarzix, Shade, Shogoon, SMC, Snap, TDM, The Magic Roundabout, The Magical Garfield, The Saint, Top Secret, Zyron
SID(y) (Mon)iacs, <?>, <?>, <?>, <?>, <?>, <?>, 2 Jingles, A Music, A Nightlife, Action Guy, Action March, Axel F - The Remix, Axel Mix, Bacxak, Basmania, Bath Blues, Bird Dream, Blind Guard, Blow of Fate, Blue Juice, Boneless, Boogie, Braintoolz #2 (note), Breakdown, Busy Nosa, Children Songs, Chit Chat #7, Chromance, Clever Clerk, Clock Rock, Coma Light IV (part 10), Complications, Contact Zak, Dark-Side, Delighter, Delta Zak, Deuntje, Disco Tech, Disco Zak, Disco Zax, Duchesse, End Song, End Tune 1, End Tune 2, Exclusive for DT, Factory Noises, Filter Mania, Fixity, For Plasma and Buraki, Free at Last, Funky Bass, Funny Zak, Galactix V2.0, Galways Music Style, George Carl, Get It, Ghettoblaster, Ghost'n'Goblins Remix, Guesser, Hacktrick, Halogene, Hip Pop, House Mix, I Just Can't Get Enough, I Like It, Influenza, Intro Tune, Intro Zak, Intro Zak, Intro Zax, Introfronty, Introtune 1, Japanese, Jazz Max, Jesus Christensen, Jyde Funk, Kao 3, Kidding, Killerbee, Last Thing, Lethalic, Livercool, Loader/Hi, Mad Eddie, Magic Flute, Maniac Mansion, Mastermind, Meganoter 4, Memory, Merry Xmas!, Michelle, Midnight, Mind Control - End, Muminki Rooooolz, Music Ass #2, Music Pack #1, Musical Delight 6, N-Trance, No Limits, Numero 22, Oi!, Old Zax, On the Beach, Overlame, Pacmania, Papillions, Philader, Pianowork, Poisonous, Profile, Quality, Relaxing Bytes, Revolutionary, Riemix, Rock Tune, Rock Zak 1, Rock Zak 2, Rock'n'Roll, Rockzak +1, Sayonara, See You, Shaolink, Silence, Slowly, Smaaask, Stad-Vest, Steel Heros, Stopform+, Strobestorm - The Market Mix, Stupid Lamer, Sunrise, Super Oswald, Superior Work, Technolo-G (tune 1), Telefax, Telstar, Telstar, Terrible, Thaw, The River, The Techno, The Train, Thermo P1, Thermo P2, Thermo P3, Thermo P4, Three Little Bears, Tiger Disk #21 (menu), Tiger disk #28 (menu), Time Waste, To Be on Top (Remix), To You, Turmoil, Tweety's Tweedledeed!, Ultimate, UniTechno, Warriors, Waterdance, Welcome to the House of Fun, Wizardry Remix, World Wide Message Tribe, X-Factor, Xylophone
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