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The Commodore/MOS KIM-1

Developed by the digital god himself, Chuck Peddle, and his MOS Technologies (which soon became Commodore Semiconductor Group), this is a genuine kit computer. A kit computer is a computer in the most basic sense of the word. It includes a processor unit (in this case, the famous 6502), and memory (1 kilobyte). It includes numerous I/O ports, including an expansion port for including other circuit boards (also called a bus port), as well as a regulated I/O port for peripherals like tape drives. The system is completely programmable. Programs are entered through a numeric keyboard, using the machines native machine language encoding (yes, MACHINE LANGUAGE -- not ASSEMBLY). Feedback is given to the user through a six-digit LED display just above the keypad. Typical programs will accept input from that same keypad and change the display according to the program instructions.

  • MOS Technology 6502
  • 1Mhz clock speed
  • KIM-1 FAQ
  • RAM
  • 1 kilobyte
  • ROM
  • 2 kilobytes
  • Machine Language Monitor program
  • Video
  • Six digit LED display
  • Seven segments per LED
  • Ports
  • MOS 6530
  • 16 Line digital I/O
  • Teletype current-loop interface (110 baud)
  • Cassette (300 baud) interface
  • 44 pin connector for data and address busses
  • Keyboard
  • 23 keys
  • Calculator-style with hex keys

  • Personal Note : The KIM-1 is interesting, and I appreciate its place in computer history, but, let's face it, it is barely a computer at all, and clearly meant to amuse those interested in the electronics side of computers (simple gates, digital io, etc.) Besides, I still need to build a damn power supply for this thing. It was an eBay purchase.

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    Programmed by PCH of UNREAL, Hardware support by RAY of UNREAL. Beta test and bugs guru SILLICON
    Unreal 2014 - Czech republic