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The Commodore 64-Controlled RC Truck

One of the coolest pieces of hardware I picked up in the last while was a VIC-REL "cartridge".  It isn't really a cartridge because it plugs into the user port, but it is in a VIC20-style cartridge case.  In fact, it was designed for the VIC-20, and the manual is written for VIC20 users, but there is a short appendix for what POKEs to substitute if you're using it on a Commodore 64.

The VIC-REL gives you 6 relay outputs and 2 inputs.  So, I used four of the relay outputs to simulate moving levers in my remote control truck transmitter.

  • Here's the VIC-REL cartridge.  I used alligator clip leads, cut in half, to go from the VIC-REL into the transmitter.  From there I clipped onto the contacts that are made when the levers are moved.  This was a pretty inexpensive toy, it only has on/off control.  By using the alligator clips (as opposed to solder), it will be much easier to put the transmitter back together again.  The little switch on the front just connects/disconnects an internal 9V battery.   This is important, as the VIC-REL powers up with all the relays ON (!).  In other words, the truck tries to drive every direction simultaneously on powerup, unless the transmitter is off.


  • Here's the truck itself.

  • The software is very simple.  It's a short BASIC program (available here) that initializes the VIC-REL with two POKEs (one to set the User port to 6 outputs and 2 inputs) and one to turn all the outputs off.

  • From there, a simple menu lets you set the outputs individually, or drive the truck from Joystick Port 2 (very fun!!!)  You can also write short BASIC programs to make the truck follow a predetermined timed pattern so it drives itself, which is really neat.

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