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Rok vydání 1986
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Marble Logic 2005

Marble Logic 2005 (c:) BETA 0.001

Code Petr Chlud
Music Alan Petrik


Marble Logic is a logical puzzle game.
The goal of the player is to complete 3 and more balls of the same color together in a line using
switching them in horizontal or vertical order. If the combination happens, the balls disappear
and the play field shifts downwards (gravitation effect - like tetris). Randomly generated balls
replace these free spaces then.

Bonus system

The bonus bar placed next to the main play field is growing by the number of successfully completed color
combinations. If the player completes as much balls as the bonus bar reaches the top of the play field,
the bonus comes. It is a selection of one from the actual balls (colors) on the play field. All the balls of the color which is selected by the player disappear from the play field and then comes next level.
It means there is added next color (not used previously) and the game is more complicated.
The player gets 1000 points for each ball removed using the bonus. Beside this the points increase even
for the bonus bar.

Beside of this main bonus, the player gets points even by completing 4 and more balls (with exception
of 5 balls)
For 4 and 5 balls the player gets a 100 points extra bonus.
For 6 and more balls the player gets a 1000 points extra bonus.
Also the bonus bar in these cases grows faster.
If the player hits 3 balls, the bonus bar will grow for 3 units.
If the player hits 4 and more balls, the bar will grow 2x faster.
It means, that for example if the player hits 7 balls together, he gets 1000 points and the bonus
bar will grow for 14 points.


A bomb arises by completing of 5 balls (in level 0 and 1) and 4 balls in levels 2-8.
The bomb is a special ball with two functions.
The first is, that there is an option to compose it to the same color combination. This causes
explosion of 3x3 balls around that bomb.
The player gets a classical bonus for this (i.e. bonus bar x2)
The second option is to click on the bomb. All the balls with color of the corresponding bomb
disappear from the play field and the player gets 1000 points for each such ball.

A new color for each level ...


The game has built-in an intelligent help system. If you don't move with your joystick for about 20
seconds, the computer will offer you a possible combination for moving the balls. If there's a bomb on
the play field, the help system doesn't work because you can always use this bomb.

Final words

The game is based on a PC game called Bejewelled. As the time had passed by, I took only some features
of it and the next (like the bonus) added by myself.

PCH / Unreal .. Petr Chlud 2005

Thanks Factor6 for english version ...


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Programmed by PCH of UNREAL, Hardware support by RAY of UNREAL. Beta test and bugs guru SILLICON
Unreal 2014 - Czech republic