Bannochburn Legacy, The
Herní styl RPG Text
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání
Programátor Tim Hartnell
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Sceneři

Země Germany
SkupinaRaiders of the Lost Empire
Ex-skupinaTeamwork and Cooperation

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
1st Intro C64 Crack Intro Code 8.6.2018
ABCruncher C64 Tool Code 7.4.2000
Betalevelpacker V2.0 C64 Tool Code 1999
Cyan Maker C64 Tool Code 3.9.2018
De-Level for Exomizer V2.0 C64 Tool Code 30.1.2019
De-LevelCrusher V1.0 C64 Tool Code 25.1.2019
Digi-Player V3.2 SuperCPU Release Code 9.4.2000
Digital Talk #41 [german] C64 Diskmag Code 14.2.2000
Target Renegade EasyFlash Release Code 17.2.2018
Turbo Nibbler V4.0 [supercpu] SuperCPU Release Code 0000-00-00
Waves 16k [scpu] C64 Intro Code 31.12.2018
Year One-Thirty C64 One-File Demo Code 11.4.2019

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Hardcode and datamining by PCH of UNREAL, Hardware guru by RAY of UNREAL, Bugs report by SILLICON of UNREAL
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