Gold Swappers
Herní styl Miscellaneous
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1989
Programátor Jim Green
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název EasyFlash SID Collection
Typ EasyFlash Release
Vydal 19.10.2009 / Mactron
Program ALeX
Hudba _V_, 6R6, Abaddon, Antony Crowther, Cadaver, Charles Deenen, Conrad, CreaMD, DaFunk, Dane, Danko, Fanta, Future Freak, Gangstar, Goto80, Heinmück, Intensity, Jan Harries, Jeff, Jeroen Tel, Jonathan Dunn, Kasmo, kb, Kjell Nordbo, Kordiaukis, Linus, Luca, Marco Swagerman, Matt Gray, Mitch, Nata, OPM, Randall, Reed, Reverb, Rob Hubbard, SounDemoN, Stainless Steel, SVF, The Blue Ninja, Thomas Detert, Turtle, UL-Tomten, Yodelking, Zardax, Zeus, Zradce, Zynthaxx
SID(y) 2Kunden+2K=E2E4K, 3DEH, 6581 Destinations, 6581 Doped Cows, 6581 House, A Load of TAP, Albino Human, Arctic Circles, Assata's Song, BIT Jammer, Bombs Over Dresden, Boogie Factor 3, Catalypse, Cave of Rave, Challenger, City Noises, Coma Light '87, Crest Main (B), Critical Grid Voltage, Croaker, Dan Dare 3, Danger Zone, Darkening, Deel 3, Deep, Deep Invasion, Demodump, Disgrace, Driller, Drive, Dune's K Remix, Electric Jesus, Electro Lolita, Euro-Dance, Everybody Everybody, Fanta in Space, Flashbacks, Gates of Texlan, Gopho, Hard Track, Hawkeye, His Pearl, I Have a Knot in my Superstring, I Love My 64, I swore a vow on my dying breath, Illumination, In Deep Freeze, It's Magic, Ivory, Jigsaw, JT in Space, Jätte Gorr, Lightforce, Music for You #02, Myth, Natural Cause of Life, Natural Wonders, Natural Wonders 2, Nekenieh, Nemesis, Nibbles, Ocean Loader 4, Orimar Dna Sirhc, Oxygen 4, Panta Rhei, Pick It Up, Plastic Pop, PlazMania, Pop, Quantum of Funkyness, Quatro on Trial, Queen of Rain, R-Type & Techno, R1-D1 Unit Attack, rambones in Space, Random, Reflection, Riff Raff, Riverhorse Mod 3, Rockmonitor 2, Rocky Star, Rubicon, Septic Shock, Seven Days and One Week, Soulfixer, Space Journey, Spacemodel, Svend Daellepude, The Beginning, Tiefklang, Tomhet, Unreal Party, We Greet You, Whirl, Zak 2, Zamzara
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