Voyager - The Challenge
Herní styl Avoid it
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 9992
Programátor (Unknown)
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Sceneři

Země Hungary
Ex-skupinaResource, Kempelen, Chromance, Chaos

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
Absolute C64 Demo Code 21.8.1994
Are We Nuts C64 Misc. Code 1995
Chromance 10/95 C64 Misc. Code 10.1995
Chromance Intro L1 C64 Crack Intro Code 12.1994
Chromance Intro L2 C64 Crack Intro Code 1996
Chromance Intro L3 C64 Crack Intro Code 7.1993
Dazle C64 Demo Code 23.8.1992
Domination #8 C64 Diskmag Code 3.1997
Domination #9 C64 Diskmag Code 7.1997
Dope C64 Graphics Collection Code 1.1998
Exicart C64 One-File Demo Code 1994
Graffiti Font Editor V1.0 C64 Tool Code 3.2000
Hammering C64 Demo Code 9.4.1994
Híradó #6 C64 Diskmag Code 7.1994
Híradó #7 C64 Diskmag Code 1994
Híradó #9 C64 Diskmag Code 15.9.1995
Ishido Preview C64 Game Preview Code 26.6.2000
Onslaught Intro (Grey-tro) C64 Crack Intro Code 1996
PAL/NTSC ZakPlay C64 Tool Code 29.3.1997
Party Talk C64 Misc. Code 14.4.1996
Partytalk C64 Misc. Code 20.12.1993
Phenomena C64 Demo Code 24.7.1993
Reflection C64 Graphics Collection Code 28.8.1995
Sphere's Music Collection C64 Music Collection Code 1997
TBS Party Invitation C64 Invitation Code 1994
Vandalism News #29 C64 Diskmag Code 10.1997



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