Boulder De Luxe Caves 3
Herní styl Boulder Dash
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 9992
Programátor Peter Liepa & Marek Roth
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Sceneři

Monte Carlos
Země Germany
Ex-skupinaOnslaught, The Art Project Studios, Hardcore

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
39 Chars Wide Scroller C64 One-File Demo Code 26.11.2016
3x3FractalGenerator C64 Tool Code 7.7.2011
Apocalypse C64 Graphics Code 13.4.2001
Atomic Age 64 C64 One-File Demo Code 31.12.1999
BasicSync C64 Basic Demo Code 12.1.2016
BCC #3 Party Scroller C64 One-File Demo Code 4.6.2009
BCC4 Demo C64 One-File Demo Code 27.2.2010
Boat Trip C64 4K Intro Code 31.3.2002
Cascade DOTY Entry C64 One-File Demo Code 27.4.2013
CharLuck C64 One-File Demo Code 5.4.1999
Didi's Birthday C64 One-File Demo Code 20.7.1997
Dotty Spritefont C64 1K Intro Code 6.8.2019
ECM Casma C64 One-File Demo Code 25.10.2020
Eliteupscroller C64 4K Intro Code 19.11.2000
Fire C64 Demo Code 7.4.1996
Green Behind Ears C64 1K Intro Code 21.9.2019
Hat Sierpinski (first try) C64 256b Intro Code 6.4.2016
Hatpinski C64 256b Intro Code 11.4.2016
Hatpinsky [46 bytes] C64 256b Intro Code 30.4.2016
Hello Sun 1092 C64 1K Intro Code 14.9.2019
Hello Sun 1092 Beautified C64 1K Intro Code 21.9.2019
Intro Collection C64 Intro Collection Code 1996
Mixcolors C64 Misc. Code 10.3.2012
MMC Replay Amica Paint Plugin V0.8 C64 Tool Code 6.7.2008
MMC Replay Funpaint Plugin C64 Tool Code 30.4.2015
Onslaught Intro (Dreamer) C64 Crack Intro Code 1996
Party-Demo C64 One-File Demo Code 29.12.1996
S.T.F.U. C64 Tool Code 12.12.2017
Scoup Meeting C64 One-File Demo Code 26.10.1996
Se gitai o Ilios C64 One-File Demo Code 4.11.2007
SIDBurners 5 C64 Music Collection Code 21.8.1999
Sixteen.Flare C64 One-File Demo Code 19.12.2013
Smallest endless loop without C64 Basic Demo Code 7.9.2011
Sprythonic C64 Intro Code 9.1.2021
Sprythonic (Old Version) C64 Intro Code 9.1.2021
Stripescroll C64 One-File Demo Code 8.5.2015
Symposium '97 Partyscroller C64 One-File Demo Code 31.3.1997
Tidy Up Dirtset C64 Graphics Code 24.3.2018
Trip to Nepa(l) C64 Demo Code 9.2.1998
Trip to Nepa(l) 2 C64 Demo Code 13.4.1998
Trip to Nepa(l) 2.5 C64 One-File Demo Code 11.10.1998
Trooze C64 Game Code 11.1995
Turbo Circle C64 4K Intro Code 31.3.1997
ULB C64 Intro Code 22.3.2021
Wurstig C64 1K Intro Code 17.8.2019
Yet Another 2x2 Font C64 256b Intro Code 6.4.2018

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
Area 64 [german] C64 Music Collection Hudba 1.2.2001
Breakbeats C64 Music Hudba 31.12.2000
Crazy Chicken Blues C64 Music Hudba 24.4.2000
Maiden Voyage C64 Music Hudba 16.4.2001
Out of Order IV C64 Music Hudba 31.12.1999

Cascade DOTY Entry
Cascade Logo
Cascade Logo
Scoup Meeting
Symposium '97 Partyscroller
Unholy Pattern of Mental Masturbation
Xray diffraction pattern
Yours Balls


Hardcode and datamining by PCH of UNREAL, Hardware guru by RAY of UNREAL, Bugs report by SILLICON of UNREAL
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